Delucion's LoL Lessons

The following is my raw list of lessons learned about League of Legends from watching the replays of matches I've lost. The majority of the content focuses on lessons surrounding Dominion, however perhaps the most interesting part of this list has to do with the general principles of combat, which can be found in areas like "Fighting Tactics", "Leadership", and "Perspective" - all have insights that were valuable to me in both improving my game, and seeing the experience in a new way.

Disclaimer: I do not claim that whatever insights or "lessons" written here are the absolute truth of how the game works, or that my recommendations of how to deal with various situations are correct. This list was intended for myself and my own self-examination, but has been posted online in order to serve as an example for how one can improve one's gameplay through the examination of how one's own choices contributed to defeats in LoL.

Note: Some of the earlier content takes a commanding tone, but I have since found that it is far more useful to write my lessons primarily in terms of facts, sometimes along with recommendations (rather than commands) of how to deal with certain situations. You may also notice that I try to avoid absolutes, because just because something happens one way one time, doesn't mean it will happen that way all the time. However, there ARE patterns.

Thank you to LoLReplay, BaronReplays, and most recently to SkinSpotlight Replays, without which I would not have been able to see a lot of the important factors that went into determining my losses, thus enabling me to better learn from them.

These lessons are hosted on my website, The World Within, a site dedicated to helping people improve the quality of their lives through inner exploration and self-awareness. If this is something you're interested in, please, take a look.

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General Principles

Attitude and Emotion +
Survivability +
Not Getting Caught +
Map Awareness +
Fighting Tactics +
Global Positioning +
Tanking +
Squishy +
Assassin +
Perspective +
Teamwork +
Leadership +
Skillshots (Landing and Evading) +
Initiating Fights +
Protecting Carries and Allies +
Teamfights +
Items +
Summoner Spells +
General +

Summoner's Rift

Top Lane +
Jungler +
Support +
Bot lane general +
Mid Lane +
Laning General +
Ganking and Ganks in general +
Defending turrets +
Destroying turrets +
Tower Dives - versus +
Tower Dives - attempting them +
Destroying Outer turrets +
Destroying Inner turrets +
Destroying Inhibitor turrets and inhibitors +
Destroying Nexus turrets and Nexus +
SR Survival +
SR Not Getting Caught +
Split Pushing +
Responding to Split Pushing +
SR Farming +
SR Perspective +
SR Attitude and Emotion +
Baron +
Dragon +
Epic Monsters General +
Vision Control +
SR Map Awareness +
SR Late Game +
SR Global Positioning +
SR General Strategy +
SR Priorities +
SR Teamfights +
SR Teamwork +
SR Leadership +
SR Team Composition +

Twisted Treeline

TT +


ARAM Team Composition Considerations +

Dominion (Dominion no longer an option :( )

Dom Formations +
Dominion (Early, General Lessons) +
Dom Taking Points +
Dom Defending Points +
Dom Bot Lane +
Dom Survival +
Dom Overall Strategy +
Dom Perspective +
Dom Priorities +