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Looking for help or advice of some kind in your life, or would like to lend your support to someone who's looking for help? You're welcome to post here.
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If seeking help or advice: please remember that no matter how solid certain advice might seem, there is still an element of uncertainty to it. We all come from our subjective perspectives, and even if we do our best to give objective advice, sometimes we might still miss certain details, or even fail to communicate our ideas with 100% accuracy. In the end, you are responsible for what you choose to do given the advice you may get, as well as what you consider to be true or false.

If giving help or advice: please try to do your best to be helpful, and state the truth as best you know and are aware of it. You're encouraged to use your best judgment as well as to be sensitive where possible. Also, it's okay to just be supportive, even if you have no solution. That said, thank you for lending your help or support, if indeed you do.
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