Hi! Oliver here, creator of this site - what's up!

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Hi! Oliver here, creator of this site - what's up!

Post by Oliver » Sun Nov 01, 2015 8:15 am

Hi everyone - my name is Oliver Kaufman (not that we need to share real or last names, but, for me, I'll just go right ahead), and I am the creator of this site, The World Within. What's up? What's shaking? ^^

In any case, I thought I might go ahead and tell a little about myself - I've been a little enigmatic elsewhere on the site, so, I will be a little less so here.

So... what to share? I've got a number of projects going right now, chief of which is probably a fantasy adventure epic, called Delucion, that I'm publishing as an online serial here on http://www.delucion.com . It's been a cool project, that I started back in 2006-07, during my last year in high school (with this, you can probably estimate my age - okay fine, it's 26 (took a year off to work on Delucion, actually, between high school and college)). I haven't been writing with great consistency over all that time, but more recently I've taken to writing it a lot (though, only when I feel like it). Largely, for it, I'm using one of the techniques that I have a guide for on this website, which I call Inner Storytelling . Basically, this involves incorporating elements of my sensed inner world as part of the story as I go (though the first 12 chapters are a little more structured, I sort of go all-in on this other approach after that). This way, it's always a total surprise for me what will come next, and it makes the very act of writing it an adventure that also bears meaning on and helps me learn about my experience of life and the way I approach it. In any case, having written by now almost 59 chapters, I'm finally getting to share it on the delucion.com website - so it's a lot of fun! All the chapters are available for free, though I am funding the story through Patreon (here).

The other writing thing that I've been up to lately have been my short stories, which you can find here: https://www.scribd.com/collections/6658 ... er-Kaufman. These stories were almost entirely created using a technique I call "Flow Writing", which I don't have a guide for yet. Flow writing involves speedily writing down words without stopping, allowing the flow to take you to uncharted, unexpected territories. Often, this may involve random strings of words that flow together, but oftentimes I've found that this can lead to a story being told, of one kind or another. The story evolves rapidly, and seems like it draws from things inside me as I tell it, which can lead to conclusions that I find really satisfying, as I can feel the resolution as the narrative draws to a close. Some pretty crazy and cool stuff can come out of this approach, so if you're interested I would definitely recommend checking it out! You might enjoy :D

But, what else to share? Maybe I can share a bit about how I started to get into all this Inner World stuff, and to really take an interest in inner transformation. Back in college (maybe around 2010?), I started searching for ways to transform myself and to work through things on an inner level. I looked into spirituality, emotional healing, creative visualization, and a variety of related topics. Some of the things I found started to bring me to new places inside of me, or to help me reconcile with tangled-up feelings in certain areas. I was finding positive effects, and kept continuing, wanting to see just what might be the next thing I'd see, or the next way I'd transform, or what I'd learn, or experience on the inside. I guess one thing that motivated me pretty strongly to look inward was the concept that many of the things we look for on the outside of ourselves are motivated by what it seems like we'll feel on the inside. Doing certain things to "make us" happy, for instance. Yet, happiness is an inner phenomenon, and for an inner problem (say, feeling unhappy), there can be an inner solution. This kind of reasoning made sense to me, and it would help, at certain moments, to remember it when I felt something was wrong, because I could make the choice to look inward, and to look at the feelings themselves, to attend to those instead of striking outward, perhaps flailing around as I looked for some relief or escape. Seeing "turning inward" work a number of times really drove home for me the importance of such an act. The other thing I began to do more, was express! To express my feelings, even if just to myself, as a way of "getting them out of me" - I began to see that by continuing to express feelings in a flow, the feelings and the issues going on with them, would seem to work themselves out through what seemed like a principle of balance. For instance, expressing anger out loud (or in writing) to myself might prompt me to try and reason with my anger, and the dialogue between these two feelings (anger and reasonableness) would work towards a solution, thus, balance. By the end of such events of "processing", I would not only feel better, but I might have a new way of thinking, too. To me, this was such an incredible gift, because it meant I could work through some really tough things, as long as I kept expressing, and allowing my feelings to flow and balance each other out. That's how it seemed to all work, at least, and I still feel the same way after quite a bit of processing since I started. Drawn processing (guide here) was especially important for me, as I found it really fit my style of methodically working through things in an exploratory, yet expressive fashion. It was just a playful sort of creation, but it became what I'd say is the mainstay of my inner techniques, something that has proven to help me time and again when I want to work through anything. After all, I can put myself wanting that down on paper, then allow other feelings respond to this "me who was wanting". Maybe I feel my wanting is stupid and shouldn't be there, or maybe I feel empathetic towards myself, or maybe I just don't understand what I'm supposed to do to even begin to help myself get what I want. Whatever the feelings, by including them, I could start a dialogue between these sides of myself, and work towards a solution that way. And by writing it down, even if I got distracted, I could go right back to where I was. Drawn processing was started early 2012 and really started giving me insights I felt compelled and drawn to share with other people, which eventually would become this website.

So, there you have it! Some backstory on this website, and on my experiences with inner work. I could share more, but, I feel like I have shared quite a bit here as it is ^^ That said, if any of you would like to ask me any questions, regarding me on a personal level, or something I said here, please feel free to do so here in this thread.

That said, take care, and please enjoy the forums!

Oh, I should also say - that these forums were created as a way to have a place where a community could potentially form around these concepts of inner exploration, discovery, development, and growth. We all have an inner world, and, it can be a powerful, perhaps the most powerful, thing in our lives. So, please consider this a home for talking about such things, or even just as a friendly, welcoming, potentially helpful sort of community in general. Even if you don't really think about your inner world, you're still welcome here. Maybe you're just looking for help with something in life, or are just curious about this community and all this "inner world" stuff. Whatever the case may be, welcome to these forums.

And, all said, I wish you well, and
again, take care -
-Oliver ^^

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