Beauty in the Emptiness

In today's culture, it's very easy to find things to be entertained by. And I'm not saying anything's wrong with that! The experiences created through our senses can be pleasant, nice, or even beautiful. Watching a sunset, talking with a friend, listening to our favorite pieces of music, eating … Continue reading

The Deep Darkness of Desire

Loneliness, fear, sorrow... being doubted, questioned, mistrusted, rejected... in pain, powerless, dead inside.... tragedy... loss... What do you think about these feelings?For most of us, myself included, we'd rather not feel these things. And since certain circumstances bring out these … Continue reading

Desperation for Certainty

There is a power inside of you that wants to achieve ultimate certainty about everything, in such a way that it will get angry at any evidence that might run counter to its predictions and expectations. This is why if something you thought would take a short time actually takes a long time, you get … Continue reading