Dependence and Independence

Today, I'd like to talk about dependence and independence, what each of them is on the emotional level, and how one can become more independent.Many times, when we talk about independence, it's in reference to an interest in being able to do what we want to do. For instance, "financial … Continue reading

The Deep Darkness of Desire

Loneliness, fear, sorrow... being doubted, questioned, mistrusted, rejected... in pain, powerless, dead inside.... tragedy... loss... What do you think about these feelings?For most of us, myself included, we'd rather not feel these things. And since certain circumstances bring out these … Continue reading

The Path of Self-Awareness

Have you ever wondered why you have the thoughts you do? Where your emotions come from? Bad habits? There's probably some things about yourself you'd like to change. Have you ever wondered why certain areas of your life are so hard, or so easy?There's more to life than meets the senses. Haven't … Continue reading