Relieve or Resolve Tension

When you get tense, it's probably because a part of you is pushing themselves. Maybe they're saying things like, "Just need to keep calm, keep calm, keep calm..." "Just keep calm... maybe look at some websites, maybe do something to distract me, that'll fix it..." "I don't need help, or advice, … Continue reading

Frustration with Myself

So I was feeling some frustration after watching some stuff from Tony Robbins, since he's very capable in many areas of life that I also am working on, like being able to work people through long standing insidious life issues within a couple minutes. Given the time I'm taking to solve my own … Continue reading


Recent observation: boredom paradoxically comes from pushing yourself way too hard. You always want to get to the next thing and the next thing, and pretty soon you're worn out, but resting seems wrong. So you stagnate, you keep pushing yourself but become unwilling to commit to any particular … Continue reading