The Inner Deceiver’s Return

It seems I lied - I didn't stop my self-deceiver. He came back, and wanted to stop me from moving forward. Started throwing a fit about the fact that he didn't want his plans to fail, and that those who failed to enact his plans for him should suffer as a result. Perhaps this is the reason behind a … Continue reading

Ignored Inner Child

So, today I discovered that unless you befriend your "inner child" (whatever that means to you...), and decide to work with it to achieve greater joy and happiness in life, it will try to cause havoc and distress inside you to try and get your attention.If you feel distressed in this way, look … Continue reading

Total Self-kindness

Had another self-conversation. This time I found that there's a part of me who is distressed and looking for guidance, and opts to listen to others (or myself) who, authoritatively, tell him what he "should" do. I challenged this, asking "well, what if you DON'T?" - obviously, he would be punished … Continue reading