The Ways of Living with Openness and Calmness (Abstract Speed Paint Video)

The following video is a project that I made over the past week, that combines art, music, and a talk on the place of calmness and openness within one’s life. Some of my piano music is set against timelapse video of me working on an art piece called “The Jagged Love of Imagination”. On top of that is my narration, which delves into how openness allows us to receive, dance, and flow with life, while calm can enable our ability to perceive the truth with greater patience and clarity, as well as how both relate to the ego. Enjoy!

Learning Spirituality From Your Own Inner World

I recently had an article published on Sivana East, a spirituality blog. The article is an examination of the topic of spirituality, and how one can develop a personal spirituality through nurturing a relationship with one’s inner world.

So go check it out! It’s at

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Introducing Coaching for The World Within

I’m pleased to announce that I am now offering personal coaching for those of you wanting to dive deeper into your own inner worlds. With coaching, you’ll be able to work with me 1-on-1, and get first-hand practice and guidance with the techniques, methods, and knowledge that can empower you in how you handle your inner life.

More info here:

All of us can have issues that plague us, and questions that linger at the backs of our minds. By employing techniques of self-awareness and expression, you can gain the edge you need to understand and transform on the deepest levels of yourself, as you grapple with questions of purpose, identity, wants vs needs, longing, direction in life, and more.

Things like inner peace, playfulness, bliss, and wonder do not have to linger on in absence from life, nor do they have to be gained through repression. There are real answers within yourself, and it’s my hope that with coaching, just like with this website, I can help you find them. And more than just answers, I hope I can help you find new places, new horizons in your life – places of possibility and abundance that you never thought you could go.

I have 8 years of practice working with my own inner world and through all manner of issues that have come up in my emotional life in that time. And I’m excited to share all I’ve learned in a more direct way with whoever is interested.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send them to me via the contact form on the coaching page linked above.

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Letting Go and Sincere Living

Letting go is an art form. It requires releasing your attachments, and thus, what you want. You have to open yourself up, be vulnerable, patient, and quiet inside. With letting go, you can’t have what you want, but you can have much, much more.

The Toxic Nature of Wanting

When we obsess over goals and wants, we can become blind to the internal conditions we’re in and that we’re trying to avoid them. By letting go, we let in the moment and all the feelings that are a part of it.

When you want something, it isn’t present, and this identified lack becomes a focus and a driving motivation for all action to obtain said desire. Even if you are an ethical person, you still look for a way to meet all your standards for ethics while still obtaining your desire.

Yet, all the while, as you travel to your destination, there is a sense of lack, a sense of things not being right. Maybe when you hit progress goals, then you get a little boost of happiness, but it can easily subside into more dissatisfaction. You want things to be better. There’s still more lack.

So why is this toxic? Because it avoids the present. If you notice how you are in the present, you can see the manic states, the lack of peace, the impatience, the annoyance, the pride, and even the spitefulness towards perceived obstacles in your way. You become embittered and embattled, stressed and straining. You end up hanging your hopes on progress towards a non-present goal, and all this takes up your time as again and again you pursue it. You can even end up basing your worth on how close you are to a goal. This is a toxic place to live in, and no matter how much you pace yourself, at the very least, attachment to a goal leads you out of the present moment, and things are going to fall through the cracks.

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Insecurity Ailments Page

Hi all! First update in a while, but wanted to let you know about the new article I just posted. It’s about insecurity as an inner ailment, and can be found here:

This is something that I have dealt with a lot in my own life, and am still learning more about. However, I’ve found enough to where I was able to put together something useful, that specifically goes into how owning your vulnerability can make a huge difference as far as bringing you out of an insecure state, and into one that’s more calm, self-assured, and open.

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How to Handle Anxiety as an Entrepreneur (external article)

Hi all! Recently I had the opportunity to write a guest blog article on Jordan Ring’s website, where he has various articles all designed to inspire you to live your best life possible.

Click here for the article:

My article focuses specifically on anxiety that may be experienced by someone forging ahead on an entrepreneurial lifestyle. A life where it’s easy to get caught up in success at all costs, and where balance, patience, self-care, and openness can all too easily take the back seat. So my article is about exploring the value in reducing your own anxiety as an entrepreneur (or as any driven individual), and sharing methods to help you do just that.


You can read more about anxiety on my website here:

And you can learn more about Jordan and the work he does here:

Barriers to Feeling

Opening our hearts to our feelings can bring contentment, fulfillment, peace, and flow

Let’s face it, as much as we might be able to admit the benefits that connecting with or facing one’s feelings brings, there are some serious barriers that can block us from those feelings.

For one, feelings are inconvenient. They tell us things that deviate from any plans we might set, any beliefs we might have, and may require time from us that we’re not ready to spend. They may completely call us to change our lives. And this change is for the better, mind you! But it’s still change.

Fear can also be a factor, and guilt, and various other things. Below I’ve compiled a list of major blockages to feelings that can stop one from really working and connecting with feelings. Continue reading