Introducing Coaching for The World Within

I’m pleased to announce that I am now offering personal coaching for those of you wanting to dive deeper into your own inner worlds. With coaching, you’ll be able to work with me 1-on-1, and get first-hand practice and guidance with the techniques, methods, and knowledge that can empower you in how you handle your inner life.

More info here:

All of us can have issues that plague us, and questions that linger at the backs of our minds. By employing techniques of self-awareness and expression, you can gain the edge you need to understand and transform on the deepest levels of yourself, as you grapple with questions of purpose, identity, wants vs needs, longing, direction in life, and more.

Things like inner peace, playfulness, bliss, and wonder do not have to linger on in absence from life, nor do they have to be gained through repression. There are real answers within yourself, and it’s my hope that with coaching, just like with this website, I can help you find them. And more than just answers, I hope I can help you find new places, new horizons in your life – places of possibility and abundance that you never thought you could go.

I have 8 years of practice working with my own inner world and through all manner of issues that have come up in my emotional life in that time. And I’m excited to share all I’ve learned in a more direct way with whoever is interested.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send them to me via the contact form on the coaching page linked above.

All the best,

Insecurity Ailments Page

Hi all! First update in a while, but wanted to let you know about the new article I just posted. It’s about insecurity as an inner ailment, and can be found here:

This is something that I have dealt with a lot in my own life, and am still learning more about. However, I’ve found enough to where I was able to put together something useful, that specifically goes into how owning your vulnerability can make a huge difference as far as bringing you out of an insecure state, and into one that’s more calm, self-assured, and open.

Take care,

How to Handle Anxiety as an Entrepreneur (external article)

Hi all! Recently I had the opportunity to write a guest blog article on Jordan Ring’s website, where he has various articles all designed to inspire you to live your best life possible.

Click here for the article:

My article focuses specifically on anxiety that may be experienced by someone forging ahead on an entrepreneurial lifestyle. A life where it’s easy to get caught up in success at all costs, and where balance, patience, self-care, and openness can all too easily take the back seat. So my article is about exploring the value in reducing your own anxiety as an entrepreneur (or as any driven individual), and sharing methods to help you do just that.


You can read more about anxiety on my website here:

And you can learn more about Jordan and the work he does here:

Update: Strengths and Tension Pages, Patreon

Just wanted to give an update on some new content that you might not have noticed.

First off, I added a page entitled Strengths, and is available in the main menu. This page serves as a counter-point to the Ailments, and details various forces, states, and principles in the inner world that can give benefit, healing, and great value to a person on an inner and personal level. There’s a lot there, so check it out if you’d like! I may be adding sub-pages in the future, for the various strengths listed, but for now you can find a brief summary of each. I’ll add more in the future as I find or think of them.

Second, an Ailments page on Tension. Tension can be a pretty basic experience, but it can also get quite severe and widespread, and negatively affect one’s life. On this page I share some of my findings on it, mostly with respect to its connection to attachment, and underneath that, an resistance to vulnerability. Given these things, I give some steps on how to go about putting awareness on areas of tension and relaxing them, potentially through noticing, too, the attachments involved.

Lastly, I now have a Patreon page! If you’d like to support this website or any of the content therein, you can at: Thanks!

That’s all for now! Enjoy the new content.


Writing for Emotional Healing and Personal Transformation

As part of the online book tour I’m doing for my book, The Windless Echo – A Short Story Collection, I did a guest post over on the blog Mythical Books. It was on “Writing for Emotional Healing and Personal Transformation”.

It’s relevant to the topics here, so I thought I’d post it. If you want to check out the article, you can do so here:

The article relates to the principles I talk about over on the Inner Storytelling page, but is geared specifically towards those who might be interested in writing, but might not have found a way it can be personal and impactful for them as a writer.

Recent Updates

Hello! Just wanted to put out a post on the main blog, about some of the changes I’ve made that haven’t necessarily shown up through subscriptions.

Recently, I added the following:

  • Relaxation – An article about relaxation as a technique for self-awareness and inner balance. Essentially, it seems to me related to what many people call meditation, though this is my own take on it. It seems a relaxed state of being can help one become more aware – and one can let one’s self relax in many areas: physically, emotionally, mentally, in terms of focus, awareness itself, and perhaps others
  • New Video Walkthrough of Drawn Processing – a little over an hour long, this video walks through what a typical session of working through something might be like. Starts with the basics, then explains how processing would proceed from the starting point, and what one might be able to expect as one goes along, through it.
  • Article on Powerlessness – this ailment article goes into the condition of powerlessness, and how indecision over what choices to make can result in this sort of state. Feeling stuck in this state can leave on feeling helpless, since no visible options, sometimes, can seem good. Includes a method for approaching powerlessness, aimed at helping one know what dilemmas one’s going through, and easing you through the process of working through those dilemmas.
  • Article on Shame – another ailment article, this time on shame. Touches on subjects of how shame may relate to the fear of vulnerability, how it functions as a coping mechanism, and how self-kindness can help with it. Includes a process for helping you to work through any shame you might be going through.

I also made some changes to the following articles:

  • Negativity – I went back to this article and reflected on how I expressed things, and refined and edited things a bit where I felt it was appropriate. Specifically I went into certain states and conditions that can emerge from negativity (such as Martyrdom, “Trying to make due”, Complaining, and Addiction), as well as certain principles that are likely helpful when approaching negativity, such as observing and allowing feelings, keeping an open mind, and connecting with what positive states are like. I’ll likely add a step-by-step method soon.
  • Anxiety – Again, I’ve had some new experience working with this ailment, and so I reconsidered and rewrote a lot of the article. I also streamlined the method you can use, which involves uncovering and processing through worries, as well as went into new details about what seems to cause anxiety, and what the experience of it is like. Its root seems related to a lack of trust in one’s self and one’s own capabilities of handling an experience. It can feel like constriction. Furthermore, I go into how anxiety can lead to a desire to control circumstances, in order to avoid what one feels anxious about.

And that’s it! I did some minor other updates to some of the other Ailments articles, but, that’s about it