Characters Within

Update: wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this, but suffice it to say I’ve run across around over 50 inner characters that haven’t been listed here yet. Gah, so many! Not sure when I’ll make the time to draw all of them, but maybe soon I’ll add a list. Hope you like that’s here though. Maybe I’ll post on the main page when there’s a major update. If this is your first visit, enjoy your perhaps brief visit to my website!

Here is a list of some of the key characters I have found so far in my inner exploration. Most have links to pages about them or situations in which they were involved.

From Cartoon Processing:

The Peaceful White Bird

The Explorer of Truth

The Free Spirit

The Warrior

The Sensitive Self

Good-Hearted Theorist

The Fanatic Theorist

The Deceiver


The Delicate Girl (the one who feels like a victim)

The Malcontents


Stubborn Pride



Honorable Self-Doubt

Fierce Individualism

Judgmental Ego

The Emotional Eater

The Destructive Critic

The Impatient Rebels

The Food Addict

The Well-meaning King


The Emotional Vampire

From Creative Visualization:

The self-accepting ogre

The Self-Accepting Ogre. This guy is a breath of fresh, ogrery air. He shows you that you can accept yourself no matter what you are.

The Grumpy Monster, a sad child trapped inside (and he was reluctant to come out)

The Lonely Heart. She stopped crying after she saw me – said she only had been missing me.

The Friendly Giant. He wasn’t so scary after all.

The Sadistic Clown. He liked to use that sword on whoever didn’t praise him. I took his sword.

The Unpeaceful Pirate. “Thar be monsters around – can’t be too careful! If we get too peaceful we’re bound to get caught off guard!” Orly.

The Mind Chatterers and their attacking snakes. Think too long without action and you might not feel so good.

(no pictures yet)
The bored kid
Sleeping Beauty
Inner Child
Inner Adolescent
Gruff, no-nonsense, down to earth guy
The Shadow
The Fighter


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