Explore Your Inner World

Drawn ProcessingDrawn Processing – a method I developed for myself to work through inner issues methodically.


Creative Visualization – this technique seems, from my experience, to be a way to clarify, expand upon, and explore one’s mental conception of the experience of reality. This includes the experience of inner reality. Effectively, it can be a way to explore that inner reality by putting one’s awareness on that reality and its subtle dynamics.

Expression, as a technique, allows you to flow with your emotions in the moment to get from any emotional state to another one. Draw, sing, paint, or dance your feelings! Let them out in some form or fashion. When you feel stuck, in a rut, down, frustrated or any other state you might not enjoy, you can flow from one state to another by expressing it. Use this method to get an immediate and vibrant effect on your whole inner being.

Inner Storytelling – a technique for bringing your inner world to life through storytelling. Can be helpful for self-understanding, and working through issues going on within your feelings. Also, make cool stories! Stories not thought up with your imagination, but experienced in and translated from your feelings.

Written Processing

Written Processing – a version of processing that can be done quickly and easily on the computer or a piece of paper, just by expressing feelings (which may originate from various places inside you, or even from your imagination) in words. Useful when you feel stuck on something and want to work through it without going to too much trouble.

Relaxation – A general technique for helping one to become more aware through purposeful relaxation. Akin to meditation, and something that we do naturally many times anyhow, this page is mostly to help you understand relaxation’s application to inner understanding and balance. This method can also help with knowing what’s important to one in life at any given time, as well as for reconnecting with one’s feelings, self, and the experience of what’s real within one’s experience.

Processing Techniques – this page contains a number of different techniques for processing, of whatever kind you’re doing. Includes such things as Zooming In/Out, Illuminating, Projecting, Inclusion, and Resting or Backing Off. May be helpful for your own processing and when exploring your inner world.

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