Announcing the World Within Forum!

Just wanted to do a quick post to announce the start of a forum section on The World Within – you can find a link to it in the menu bar, or via this link: .

If you’ve ever been looking to discuss things with me or with others who read about or engage with this kind of inner-focused material, you are welcome to do that on the forum. But more than that, the forum is a place to communicate, and is a place of community. Even if you’re not looking to post about inner-world-related topics, you’re still invited to join in. Here is a preview of some of the sections of the forum:

General Discussion (of Inner Worlds): this is an area to discuss any and all topics relating to inner worlds, such as their structure, how they function, how to navigate them, and thoughts about their nature.

Talk and Share: A social area where you can talk about anything and everything that might not go in any other forum.

Help and Advice: A section where you can ask for help or advice on anything, or help those who ask.

Share your World: A place for sharing from your inner world. Whether it’s experiences, artwork, music, or even creative works that relate to your inner world, this is a place to share those things.

World-Related: Itching to talk about something you saw elsewhere in the world (such as media), that relates to inner worlds? This board is a place for that.

Those are some of the main boards, but you can check out the others by going to the forums. And, even if the board is currently empty (as of writing this post, most of them are), please feel free to post – even if you’re the first voice in a certain area, whatever you’d like to say is still welcome as part of this (currently budding) community. You can also be as messy or as informal as you like ^_^ It’s okay to just be yourself.

So, if you’re at all interested, please check it out, and take care,

-Oliver : )