Stress: A Disagreement with Peace

How I represent the peaceful force inside myself – as a white bird

There’s part of you who’s always calm, relaxed, and cares about you. When you get anxious or worried, it’s probably because you’re disagreeing in some way with this relaxed self. “Yes, I do need to get worried! Look at all these things I’ve got to do, how could I be calm right now??? I’d get nothing done! Ugh! I don’t know if I’ll get them done… oh no…” It seems that whenever you do something out of fear you are disagreeing with the way the calm part of you handles things. After all, it’s fight or flight at that point, as opposed to calm. And it’s not bothered at all in respecting your wishes and standing aside, letting you get fearful and worried – that’s what someone who cares for you would do, after all. Still, I get the sense that if you work through your differences with this side of you, it would stay with you all the time – now wouldn’t that be awesome?

Gruff Johnny

Recently I met the gruff side of myself. He doesn’t mind going by “Gruff Johnny”. I visualize him as someone who drinks a lot of beer and throws the cans around his small home. He’s a down to earth kind of guy, who only supports what’s necessary, and has his doubts about all kinds of fanaticism and crazy desires. He also drops the F-bomb alot, telling me things like “Calm the **** down already.” when I get too worked up about this or that. Hmm, let me try staging a conversation. Gruff Johnny, is there anything you’d like to tell my friends on Facebook?

“Go hug your loved ones and stop treating me like a ****ing sideshow. I keep to myself for a reason, you know?”

Um, anything else?


Ok that didn’t go well. Anyway, I can ask this side of me for advice and worldly wisdom at any time, and it’s been quite helpful, since I am kind of frenetic at times, going here and there and wondering what I should do. I feel like there’s more to say.

“Listen, just what are you trying to accomplish here?”

Well, I want to say something profound, to share with everyone.

“Well I ain’t got anything profound to say, alright?”

Ah well, you guys get the idea.