Overview: Self-Deceit and Manipulation

So I wanted to talk about my recent findings in my inner work.

The main dynamic I want to talk about is the inner victim mentality and how it can be taken advantage of by one particularly nasty demon who has no problem manipulating and deceiving others (or in this case, yourself) if it means he gets his way. Trust is valuable tool to him, after all.

Basically, you have a spirit inside of you who can get very distressed about things that go on with her. I’m sure you’ve experienced when you’ve had a problem, and called someone up and started to tell them about your problems, wondering “What should I do?”

On an inner level, this spirit is part of your decision-making process. For me, my hands would and still do get cold frequently, and in response I would get distressed and ask myself “What do I do???” The reply that I identified told me what to do: “Sit down and be relaxed. Breathe better. Go solve your problems.” But the thing was he had a very demanding tone.

My inner victim (I don’t know what else to call her), would be quick to latch on to any advice given by this guy, because it was to “help” her – but she didn’t make a habit of questioning it. I mean, why would she? She wanted to stop her hands from being cold!

On the other hand, I have inside of me a guy who cared about her, but whose knowledge was limited. This guy would come and try to cheer her up with his various theories about inner exploration, and all the wonderful things that might come her way – this would cheer her up.

So this is the basis of the dynamic I witnessed. A girl who gets upset and needs help, a rather stiff helper who gave her practical advice but didn’t seem to care, and an energetic guy who wanted her to feel better, happier. But in the mean time, whatever the underlying problem was never got solved – she still had cold hands, still got distressed about things, mixed with times of happiness and times of trying things that seemed practical, but weren’t what brought her happiness.

After I saw this, a lot of things happened – I’ll be talking about this over the next couple days. But if you’re interested in this and have any questions for me (I realize the way I talk about this can be confusing), please let me know.