Silverblade’s Guide to Discerning the Truth

Rebecca Silverblade's Guide to Discerning the Truth

Rebecca Silverblade is another one of my inner characters. She embodies such traits as presence, precision, discernment, and the ability to handle situations without reacting to them. And one thing where precision can serve an important purpose is in discerning the truth from falsehood. This doesn’t just include facts, but also things like the truth of what’s important, the truth of how to act, and the truth of the basis for one’s own emotions and emotional responses. For example, on an inner level, I’ve found that she’s been able to give invaluable perspective at times of confusion or self-doubt.

Like was explained in Creativity’s Guide to Problem-Solving, the below guide was written by way of me trying to let the perspective, embodied by Silverblade, speak on the subject of how to discern the truth. This topic was the prompt, basically, and what follows is my sense of how “she” handled, or would handle, speaking on it.


SBGuideT1So you want to discern the truth, do you?

SBGuideT2I suppose you expect me to give you some hint, or proffer some guidance, is that it? This is called a “guide”, after all – I would hardly expect you to expect any less.

SBGuideT3And here it is – the question of the truth. An inquiring mind, looking for it. And what truth are you looking for, pray tell? Continue reading

Gruff Johnny

Recently I met the gruff side of myself. He doesn’t mind going by “Gruff Johnny”. I visualize him as someone who drinks a lot of beer and throws the cans around his small home. He’s a down to earth kind of guy, who only supports what’s necessary, and has his doubts about all kinds of fanaticism and crazy desires. He also drops the F-bomb alot, telling me things like “Calm the **** down already.” when I get too worked up about this or that. Hmm, let me try staging a conversation. Gruff Johnny, is there anything you’d like to tell my friends on Facebook?

“Go hug your loved ones and stop treating me like a ****ing sideshow. I keep to myself for a reason, you know?”

Um, anything else?


Ok that didn’t go well. Anyway, I can ask this side of me for advice and worldly wisdom at any time, and it’s been quite helpful, since I am kind of frenetic at times, going here and there and wondering what I should do. I feel like there’s more to say.

“Listen, just what are you trying to accomplish here?”

Well, I want to say something profound, to share with everyone.

“Well I ain’t got anything profound to say, alright?”

Ah well, you guys get the idea.