The Utility and Fun of Not Knowing

Sometimes you just don't know

There are so many things you don’t really know. But hey, that makes life more of an adventure!

“God”, “Love”, “Spirituality”, “Enlightenment” – Do you really know what these words mean? I sure don’t.

“Food”, “Toy”, “Chair”, “Sky” – Maybe you know what these mean? I sure don’t.

Now, for any of the words above I could tell you what they approximately mean to me, right now, or what I think other people usually mean when they say them. But I don’t really know what they mean. Every word means something different to everyone else, and, at least for me, even personal definitions can change by the day, even the moment. Even just the mood you’re in can determine what meaning you attribute to things. Think of all the countless poems about roses. We don’t even know what things will mean to us the next instant. So, can you see how fruitless it is to try and pin down the meaning of any word? Think of all the words that have multiple meanings in the dictionary. The word “set” has 119 different definitions!

But I’m not here to talk about words – I’m here to talk about not knowing.

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Don’t Believe Me

For anyone who has taken a passing interests in my posts: don’t believe me.

In fact, don’t believe anyone! Even when I say “don’t believe anyone”.

The thing is, that all of the things I’m posting are true for me, in my experience. But who’s to say I have the complete perspective. Or, moreover, who’s to say that your interpretation of my words is the same as the experience I’m trying to communicate?

As I take it, if something creates a true experience in you, then, while it may be hasty to believe it fully, you can at least note that something has been sparked inside of you that could be important to investigate.

This is why much of philosophic and religious texts are pointless. You haven’t come to the experience of the truth yourself, so you’re just creating a bunch of mental constructs that seem interesting or plausible.

That’s not to say, either, to not trust anything. You know when you’re hungry after all. You also know what you’ve experienced the joy of a freeing realization.

All I’m aiming to do in these posts is share some insights I’ve found while solving various inner issues, as I solve them. Please don’t believe them – but I do recommend experimenting with them using your feeling, rather than thinking, sensitivity.

Who knows what treasures may lie in unexplored corners of yourself, right this very minute. : )