Respect Your Moodiness


Sometimes, you just want to be in a crappy mood. Is that so bad?

If you’re like me, sometimes you get grumpy, moody, frustrated, annoyed, depressed, worried, or any other number of emotions that can seem “bad”. You might feel the impulse to treat your mood like a problem, and jump to solve it immediately with something. But sometimes you just can’t find any way to solve it, and on top of that you’re sick of trying to solve it! At times like these, it’s a good idea to just let yourself be moody.

Just let it be! Yeah you might think that the state you’re in is unproductive, “not right”, or “not me”. And heck, it might be! But you don’t have to obsessively fix yourself every moment either. Let yourself be in a crappy mood. Treating your mood like a problem will only make it worse for you.

I mean, think about it. If you were feeling in a bad mood, and someone saw you and said, “Why are you feeling that way?” and you didn’t know, would you like it if they kept after you, kept asking questions trying to delve into the deeper, root cause of why you feel that way? I’d think not!

So quit trying to fix your mood. Feel unhappy? Go eat that ice cream! Frustrated? Do something rewarding and easy for once, or find a video game where you can go destroy some stuff. Grumpy? Be grumpy. Just be grumpy for cryin’ out loud!

Yeah maybe it’s not your life goal to be a grumpy person, but before you get to where you want be, don’t reject yourself as you are.

Maybe not everyone else will appreciate your mood, but you can always give yourself the space to be as you are. Be a friend to your moodiness. Indulge your crappy attitude, your disappointment, and your inner grump.

For those of you who take this article as an excuse to never work through emotional issues, let’s be clear. You’re not trying to SOLVE your emotional issue by eating that triple fudge sundae. It won’t EVER solve it. But maybe you’re just not in the mood to solve the problem right now. That’s OK. You can go with what you know, for now, and learn more about yourself when it feels right. Breathe. Be patient. Dare to accept your moody, imperfect self.

What do I mean by acceptance? I mean to care enough about yourself to wish for you to feel better, wise enough not to rush yourself, and content enough to see yourself through from start to finish, being glad for the chance to help you out, no matter how many bumps in the road there are along the way.

Once you’re at peace again, then you can think about how to change, or if you even want to. And by being a friend to the many sides of yourself, you can create that peace.

That said…


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