The Warrior’s Guide

Hi all – today I would like to share another guide, this time from my inner character I call “The Warrior”. He seems to be an integral part to the way I make choices in life, and, as I looked for parts of me who might want to give a guide, he stepped forward. This guide has no explicit purpose, but in a way is a chance to work with the warrior, perhaps learn something – about him, or perhaps about focus, or yourself. I’ll leave it at that, and let the guide speak for itself:

Warrior Guide Icon

warrguide1Look into my eyes.

Do not look away, not for anything.



warrguide2Hold your gaze for as long as possible, then ten seconds longer.

Another ten.

Hold your gaze, and do not look away.



Stay still.



warrguide4Take out your blade – internal blade – and hold it crosswise in front of you, at a slight slant, so it crosses from the left side of your body near your side, to the right side of your face.

There is no sword – it is imagined, but bear with it.


warrguide5Take your moments. Remain still. Your breathing, calm. Do not blink. Remain focused, eyes ahead, focused, unretreating. If you have retreated, return.



warrguide6You are not limited by that moment before, and in this moment, the moment that cannot be spoken of before it passes, you are alive. Vibrant – meaningful – truthful.



warrguide7Return to your breathing. Let it be soft, without breaking your focus. You are present. No cause. No reason. Truthful. Meaningful. Here.



warrguide8Now – release – blink your eyes, and let loose your focus. You are at ease. Life remains, well within the calm moments, the serene moments, and in moments of absence – it remains.

warrguide9You remain.





We are done here. Be clear.




Hope you enjoyed this guide – take care, and all the best : )


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