Welcome to The World Within

What is this website?

First of all, hi – my name is Oliver – I’m the host of this website and writer of its content.

This website is for those of you who want to delve further into the reality of your inner worlds, to explore the depth of your experience, to improve your lives, to understand yourself and your feelings, to work through confusing or complex issues, or to simply find inner peace, or anything else you might be looking for on an inner level. The inner world can also help you with your outer goals too, whether that be in finding a way to them, or to find the wisdom it takes to recognize where you might really want a different direction.

How does the inner world do this?

It’s my understanding that feelings, thoughts, and emotion, all contain wisdom and guidance, such that it can help a person move through their issues, unlock hidden talents and secrets, and find greater balance, peace, and understanding. By working with our inner forces, by uncovering and learning what’s there, by looking for a truer sense of reality, both inner and outer, we end up finding a way forward, finding out about where we may have unknowingly abandoned certain parts of ourselves, or where certain conflicts within us may lie unresolved, leaving wounded, strained living to become the norm.

Finding the truth of certain things within us, we can have the inner power to be extraordinarily gifted at discerning the right course of action. For instance, if we see something inside us that’s bullying and shaming other parts of ourselves, we may feel compelled to stand up to the bully, and we can. If we see something that doesn’t like us or another part of us, and is generating emotional pain or anger, we can try to understand its grievances, so they don’t have to act out in order to be heard. There are many situations possible within us, perhaps infinite – but whatever is going on within us at any given time, we are the ones who can look into ourselves, to grasp and grapple with whatever is there, or bothering us. We can inform our ignorance with wisdom, we can patiently listen to that which does not feel understood, we can look for the root of whatever is bothering us, or for why we behave in certain ways that seem troubling. We can take ownership and responsibility for our inner worlds. Not that we have to babysit them, not that even with our care they can’t get totally out of wack and feel miserable to live in, but, we can respond when we can, and we¬†can take ownership of our problems and feelings, and for however long solutions, or working through those feelings, might take. By learning techniques, by trying to find our way to our inner realms, through things like reflection, meditation, expression, and awareness, we can inform ourselves of our inner realm, and increase our capacity for responding to those places, and areas within us.

How do I get started?

Well, there is no formal “place” to start, really, except for yourself. You exist, your feelings and emotions exist, your thoughts and behavior patterns exist, the various aspects of yourself exist as well. Really, this website is all just about empowering you to look inward, and to be more informed about how to be in touch with that inner reality.

On the main blog I mostly post insights from my own inner investigations, which may have ideas you might find helpful in your own inner life.

On the Ailments¬†page, I have some pages dedicated to certain things I tend to call “inner ailments”, things that can feel pretty bad to get stuck in, or can generate problems in life if they go unaddressed. These pages might help you more directly to deal with these things, if you’re going through them. Some examples: Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Negativity – and others.

In the “Explore your Inner World”¬†section of the site, I have several guides to various techniques you can use to further your ability to delve into your inner world yourself. If there’s anywhere you might want to go to “get started”, this might be the place. It can help you to really find some things you can try in order to get in touch with your inner space and start working through things that matter to you, or uncovering the unexpected.

Also of note – you can contact me directly using the Contact page.

That said, please enjoy the site – if you have any feedback for me, I’d be glad to hear from you.

Ok, but what about the outside world?

I thought I would address, a little bit, the difference between the outside and inner world. Yes, this website is mostly about the inner world – but, what about the outside one? If the outside world is so real, vivid, and so focused-on by so many people, then isn’t that the important one? Shouldn’t one look there?

Well, I agree, the outside world can be impactful. Other people live there. There’s a physical world. Our physical bodies inhabit this realm. Our sense are attuned to it, they inform us about it.

That said, if you think about it, the outer world, no matter how “outer” it seems, it really is experienced from within. On the inside, we receive through our senses, we interpret the sensory data, craft a working understanding of that place, and take action that’s informed by our understanding. We may know all sorts of facts about the outer world, but those facts exist in our mind, and are part of our understanding of it. Moreover, all our decisions take place inwardly. Every choice is an inner choice, even if it is made relative to some outer thing or situation. So inner reality is important even with respect to how we interact with the outer world. How do we come to those decisions? Are we conflicted? Doubtful? Uncertain? Where do we feel okay with things outside us as they are, or where might we want to take action? And why do we make the decisions we do make? If we could see all our reasoning, would we be okay with it, or would we see discontinuity, or things that we’d like to take issue with? Is this how we¬†want to act, or is it merely habit, instinct, fear, or a way to simply cope?

In this way, you can sort of see how the inner world is involved in our way we behave in the outer world, as well as the inner one. So, the idea here is that by improving our interactions with our inner world, we can improve things that affect us on the outer level as well. Life choices, tough decisions, painful awareness, dealing with changes – these are all things that can be worked through inwardly, and yet affect our outer lives and the way we live, in every area of life.

So, like I said, this website is about helping you on that inner level – to know more, see more, uncover more, and find healing, balance, peace, and things you might not have even known to look for, but that may be waiting inside you to be found.

About Oliver

Hi, again – like I said, my name is Oliver. Currently I run this website and am interested in inner things, working through personal issues, and in sharing aspects of my own discoveries and methods with others.

I post a variety of personal projects and updates on my Patreon, which you can visit here: https://www.patreon.com/oliverk

I do have some other things going on – I have a novel that I’m publishing chapter-by-chapter on another website, www.delucion.com . In a lot of ways this folds into my inner work, and is informed by it. If you like fantasy adventure, or more specifically, individual quests into the realm of the unknown, away from the limits of a confined society, then you may deeply enjoy reading Delucion.

I also have some short stories I’ve written, many of which you can check out at¬†https://www.scribd.com/collections/6658652/Short-Stories-by-Oliver-Kaufman¬†or through purchasing the recent collection I put together, called “The Windless Echo”, available for purchase here:¬†https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NAVOT7O.¬†These stories were largely written with a technique I call “flow writing”, where I write as swiftly as possible, allowing the stories and themes to develop as I go, without pre-planning. They then become¬†heavily influenced by my feelings and thought patterns at the time, as well as issues that may be troubling me or affecting me in some way that I might not be directly focused on. But yeah, you might enjoy them, as the themes don’t just relate to me, but things connected to human experiences, troubles, and inner conflicts we all may share.

Anything Else?

Nope, I think that’s it! If you’d like anything else posted here, have general feedback, or want to say hi, like I said, you can always say hello on either the forums or using the Contact page.

That said, take care, and all the best.


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