Donations to the site go directly towards covering my everyday expenses like food, insurance, and various bills – nothing fancy or noble, but still important.

Right now, my expenses at are around $400 a month, with no big current plans that I’m raising funds for. I have other ways of paying for this, but any extra helps to reduce the workload. Yes, perhaps it is not that large a work load, but I still place a high value on my free time, as that is when I create, explore, and have fun – I’d say probably 100% of any insights on this site come from my free time, or time I choose exploration of my feelings and thoughts as a priority. So in that kind of indirect way, any donations will probably affect this site – though, please don’t worry – I am confident I will find the time to work through things, as I already do, with or without donations.

That said, I do have one donation goal, which is sort of just a sentimental sort of thing, and that’s to raise $55.38 per year, since that’s how much money it takes to keep this site up and running each year, currently, with my web host.

Anyway, I just wanted to have a place on the site where anyone could see the donations that have been received so far, just to encourage an atmosphere of transparency between me, the recipient of your donations, and any one who feels like donating.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything from PayPal (yet) to directly display the payments I’ve received onto the site, so for now it is only on my word that the below is an accurate account of the donations I have received so far. Please note that the list may not be up to date simply because I enter these donations manually.

And regardless of if you have donated or not, but especially if you have, thank you for your support, even if it is just in taking the time to read some of the content on this website. : )

Donated to the site so far (names not included):


September: $20


May: $3.99

Current yearly donation goal: $55.38

Total donated (all time): $23.99

And again, as it mentions in the sidebar on the main page, if you feel as though any of the insights or writings on this site have benefited you, please consider a donation relative to the amount of value you feel you received:

Note: if for any reason you change your mind and wish to be issued a refund for your donation, please contact me at , with the name under which your PayPal account is registered, and it will be refunded as soon as I get your message.

Thank you, and take care : )

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